Restoration of façade on Calle Maria Cristina (Valencia)

  • The challenge

    The façades of buildings in the city centre have to take into account pollution and dirt in addition to weather conditions and wear and tear over time. And if the façade is on a classic and stately building, the damage will be even more evident. That is what happened to this building in the centre of the city of Valencia, whose façade was suffering from cracks and flaking, with its paintwork blackened and spoiled by pollution.

    The solution

    To restore the beauty and elegance of this impressive façade and protect it from pollution and the ravages of time, first it was thoroughly cleaned with pressurised water. Next, the cracks and spalling were repaired with Plasmont Reparación Fachadas. It was primed with EmulsiónFijadora and then finally two coats of Ovaldine Fachadas coating were applied.

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