Availability in real time

Stocks controlled by our system to obtain accurate and real-time stock information. 


Logistics warehouse

We have 24,000 locations,5,000 of which are fully automated. This allows us to maintain sufficient stock to meet demand.


Efficient order management 

Orders are received and prepared in line with a strict quality protocol that allows us to reduce delivery times and service failures. 

Readily available stock

Automated management of product locations and stocks.

Perfect orders

Orders are prepared by radiofrequency, reducing picking errors to 0.

Warehouse management

Automatic location of products in the warehouse by stacker crane.

Fast loading 

9 loading docks for 24-ton trucks.

Or own transport 

We have our own fleet of 7 delivery trucks designed for ADR transport.

We are always close by

We are active in 27 countries, with a total of 1,500 points of sale throughout Spain.