Process guarantee

Quality control of all manufactured products is carried out in our own laboratory located in the production plant.



We have streamlined our production processes through robotisation of production lines and automated palletisation


Environmental management 

We implemented policies to minimise waste management and we have a wastewater treatment plant that allows us to recycle and reuse some of the water used in production.  

Our facilities 

With a surface area of 46,000 m2, our Marines factory has plants for the production of water-based paints, solvent-based paints and powder coatings.

More than 200.000 litres per day

Our powerful production capacity allows us to respond immediately to our customers' needs.

Our brands

Our wide range of products is diversified across various different brands, which cover all types of solutions for professionals.

Bespoke production 

We provide our customers with all the experience we’ve acquired over our 60 years in the business, to offer the perfect solution for each project.

+6.000 items and +2M references

We offer the widest variety of products, both in terms of colour range and different finishes.

International expansion 

Our factory supplies products to our distribution network with a presence in more than 27 countries.