The steps that have brought us this far

The effort of many years of hard work 

We started our activities with Clemente Martin Montolio, when, with only 180 m2 of surface area and two employees, we managed to manufacture more than 5,000 kg of vegetable glues and tempera paints everyday.

Beginning manufacturing of the first plastic paints

We started manufacturing the first plastic paints, which allowed us to offer our paints in different finishes (matt and satin), and we even began producing some colours on demand.

Growth at a national level 

We began life as a small family business, but when we hired our chemists and our first salesmen, and opened our first store on Calle Marino Albesa in Valencia, MONTÓ began to grow throughout Spain. In only 8 years, our facilities in Alboraya have grown from 1.700 m2 to 4.400 m2. Our presence at trade fairs and points of sale has been established.

Vocation of service and commitment

This decade was marked by the vocation of service and the deep commitment of Pinturas MONTÓ to become pioneers in the paint industry. During this period, we revolutionised the sector by implementing a 24h service. 

We also expanded our portfolio of products focused on luxury decoration, launched the MontoMix System, a unique colour manufacturing system for customers, and created our own water and solvent-based dyes for the first time. The factory was also moved to Marines (45,000 m2 of surface area), with more than 9,000 locations.

International growth

On the turn of the century, our company began to expand internationally. We increased our product range and started manufacturing under official European certifications (ISO 9001-2000).

Consolidation of the company 

We consolidated our company as manufacturers of the highest quality paints, making MONTÓ a benchmark brand in the decoration sector and leaders in the professional market.

During this period, we diversified our production by creating lines specialised in thermal insulation (MONTÓ thêrm), a specific brand for industry (MONTÓ Ind) and our CREA brand, which is specialised for the treatment of metal, wood and multi-surface applications.

60 years at the service of professionals

After a long and hard road, we are now celebrating the 60th anniversary of the formation of Pinturas MONTÓ, which was made possible thanks to the effort, dedication and work of all our employees and customers. 

After 60 years in business, we can now be proud of what we’ve become: we employee +400 workers, we produce +200,000 litres/day, we provide +1,000 specialised stores for professionals and +120 MONTÓ stores, we are active in +27 countries, and we have built a new 17,000 m2 logistics platform with more than 24,000 locations.

Pinturas MONTÓ, en figures


+6.000 products and +2M references.



+45.000 m2 on a surface area of 116,000 m2. 



+200.000 litres of paint per day. 



+1.400 points of sale. 



+60 years in the market

Our brands

At Pinturas MONTÓ we offer all solutions for the painting sector, sorted into the various different brands from the MONTÓ group. Come and discover them all.


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New times, new paints.


Range of products for wood,metal and multi-surface.


The paint brand that offers professional solutions.


Professional paints designed and developed for everyone.

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