Façade paint: how to choose the best paint for exterior use

07 julio 2022

Façades are a fundamental element in buildings. Not only do they influence its appearance, but they also play a vital role in habitability, as the façade is the element that withstands the weather and protects the interior of the home. And façade paint plays a fundamental role in their maintenance.  

A deterioratedfaçade can lead to the appearance of issues that can seriously affect the health and quality of life of tenants, such as the proliferation of damp, mould, cracks,fissures, leaks, etc.

Therefore, the refurbishment and renovation of façades is of vital importance to ensure the perfect condition and conservation of the building and to avoid further problems in the future. 

One of the main steps when refurbishing is to choose the most suitable façade coating, as there are different types of paint which, depending on various factors and variables, will present better mechanical behaviour and give better results. 

At Pinturas MONTÓ we are experts in refurbishment, renovation and protection of façades, andwe have a wide variety of products that respond to the different needs offaçades.


Types of façadepainting  

We distinguish between different types of façade paints according to their composition,performance and functionality: 


100% smooth acrylic coatings 

This is a water-based exterior paint. At Pinturas MONTÓ we offer a variety of high quality products of this type, which offer great coverage, resistance and durability. They are a guarantee of success. 

Massima fachadas is our highest-qualityfaçade cladding; it requires no priming and offers a warranty of up to 15 years.Fully recommended for application in areas with demanding conditions, such as coastal or humid areas, high pollution or extreme temperatures. 

Ovaldine Fachadas is a 100% acrylic coating with high durability and high resistance to weathering and paint degradation, with a warranty of up to 12 years.

Pintura fachadas  

Ovaldine Antifisuras is the ideal elastic smooth coating for application on cracked façades, as it is able to repair and absorb cracks in thefaçade measuring up to 0.5 mm. It is characterised by its high coverage and performance, low gloss, fast application and 12-year warranty.

Other façade cladding

These paints are not 100% acrylic and guarantee the professional multiple functionalities. 


Silicate façade paints 

These are coatings that contain potassium silicate among their components and are ideal for application on mineral surfaces such as concrete or mineral plasters as they adhere to the mineral substrate by means of an insoluble chemical reaction known as petrification or silicification, which allows the paint to penetrate the surface without forming a surface film. 

This chemical reaction ensures that the paint is more durable and, most importantly, provides natural protection against the proliferation of biological agents such as moulds or lichens. In addition, its texture allows it to conceal and cover imperfections in thefaçade very well, and even fill in cracks. 

Ovaldine Silicato is a smooth silicate coating that provides high durability and resistance on mineral substrates while achieving maximum adherence and breathability, thus avoiding the accumulation of damp and the formation of blisters and flaking 


Siloxane paints 

Siloxane paintsare coatings that contain silicone resins among their components, which guarantee a more durable and effective protection for façades.  

They are also paints that are highly resistant to humidity and dirt.

In fact, their components allow rising damp from the interior to be released. 

Ovaldine Siloxano is a siloxane coating that offers great advantages such as high durability and protection for the façade, high protection in vivid colours, a perfect combination of breathability and water proofing and a guarantee of up to 12 years.

In addition, it repels dirt and water thanks to the incorporation of siloxane in its formulation, thus preventing the proliferation of stains and dampness on the surface.

Pintura para fachadas  


Pliolite façade cladding 

Pliolite coatings contain a microporous, solvent-based elastomeric resin that is waterproof and highly resistant. It is an extremely fast-drying paint and can be applied on damp surfaces or when rain threatens.  

Ovaldine Montolite Acqua is a smooth pliolite coating with maximum adhesion and low surface tension — ideal for degraded substrates. 

Montokril is an acrylic coating for universal use with a great balance between coverage, resistance, waterproofing and breathability, with a guarantee of up to 7 years. 

Façade paint colours 

Colour is also a fundamental element in façade decoration. Offering a wide range of colours,as well as being able to replicate the exact colour of the façade is fundamental to providing an excellent service. 

Pinturas MONTÓ offers a wide range of colours to satisfy the tastes and needs of your customers. In addition, our products also incorporate Fachadas Frías Technology cold pigments that are applied to the paint and allow the façade to retain less of the exterior heat, achieving surface temperature reductions of up to 15ºC.

If you need more information about any of these products or advice when choosing the most suitable paint for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help and advise you on anything you need.