What are silicate paints: advantages and application 

13 abril 2022

As experts in decoration, renovation and façade protection, at Pinturas MONTÓ we have a good understanding of the needs of exterior surfaces that are exposed to the elements, and we manufacture high-quality and resistant paints.  

Thanks to their components, silicate paints guarantee a high level of outdoor resistance, making them ideal for application on mineral surfaces, such as concrete or mineral plasters, as they adhere to the mineral substrate by means of an insoluble chemical reaction.

This reaction is known as petrification or silicification, and it allows the paint to penetrate the surface without forming a surface film. This makes the paint more durable and resistant, and it is better able to prevent the appearance of mould and damp as it allows the diffusion of water vapour from the substrate.

Advantages of silicate paint

Silicate paints have different properties that are very beneficial for the applicator, the customer and the surface where they are applied:

These paints are highly durable and resistant to weathering and the elements. The silicate ensures that the paint retains its aesthetic and functional properties for much longer than conventional paints.

Thanks to its alkaline pH value, silicate offers natural protection against the proliferation of biological agents, such as mould or lichens. 

Their texture make them very effective at concealing and covering imperfections in façades, and they are even able to fill cracks, making them perfect for restoring buildings or for use on natural stone surfaces.

They are natural paints, since they stand out for their low polluting components. These paints are also so resistant and durable that they require very little maintenance, which saves on product and resources.

Finally, the durability of silicate paints also ensures that the colour remains the same as the first day for much longer, so it is highly resistant to colour degradation. 

Pinturas silicato 

Silicate paints at Pinturas MONTÓ:Ovaldine Silicato 

At Pinturas MONTÓ we offer Ovaldine Silicatoa smooth silicate coating for the protection and decoration offaçades and exterior walls. 

Its deep mineral matt finish enablesit to cover flaws in the façade and provides high durability and resistance onmineral substrates, obtaining maximum adherence and breathability andavoiding the accumulation of damp, the appearance of mould and the formation ofblisters and flaking.

It is an ideal coating for professionalapplication as it guarantees high coverage, high performance, low gloss andfast execution.

Ovaldine Silicato  

Application of Ovaldine Silicato

Silicate paints are ideal for use on oldbuildings, for restoration and renovation, and for application on mineralbuilding surfaces.

The following steps must be followed whenapplying the product: 

o   Clean the area well and check that thesurface is completely dry. 

o   Prime the substrate with Primer Silicato, diluted with water according to the porosity and conditionof the substrate, to guarantee maximum resistance, adhesion and durability ofthe paint.

o   Apply two or three coats of OvaldineSilicato in thin layers. Do not repaint when it is still wet, wait 12-24 hoursin between each coat.

If you have any questions regarding theapplication or properties of Ovaldine Silicato, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you choose theideal paint for your project.