Aliphatic acrylic-urethane varnish for the protection and decoration of indoor / outdoor wood under cover (CU2). Excellent transparency. To apply on floors, parquets, furniture, railings, ... with nanoadditives, it creates a waterproof layer of maximum hardness and resistance to shocks, abrasion and wear. Good resistance to household chemicals. Highlights the wood grain. Very easy application and low odor.
Indoor / Outdoor under cover (CU2)
6 - 9 m²/L
Drying time
30 - 60 min.
0.5L 2.5L


  • Indoor / Outdoor under cover (CU2)
  • Wood previously primed with Crea Impregnante Color
  • Wood
  • Recommended previously created with primer
  • Suitable for furniture and doors
  • Suitable for parquet and wooden floors
  • Apply a maximum of 110 +/- 20 g/m2 per coat.
  • Use over clean woods

How to apply?

  • Painting brush
  • Roller
  • Air-mix gun
  • Spray gun


- Stir the product until it is perfectly homogenized.
- Apply on clean and dry substrates.
- Apply following the dilutions recommended in the Application Systems section.
- Pre-sand to guarantee a good penetration and leveling on the wood.
- Do not apply the product at high temperatures, or on surfaces exposed to strong insolation.
- Maintain good ventilation conditions during the drying time.
- Do not apply with relative humidity higher than 80%
Soporte Nuevo:
New woods.
- The support must be free of foreign products and / or residues.
- Apply on wood with a moisture content of less than 20%.
- Apply on healthy, well-degreased, dust-free and dry woods.
- Sand and eliminate possible glue residues in the assemblies and machining failures.
- If the wood shows signs of aging, it must be previously sanded and dust removed by brushing or any other mechanical means. Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
Varnished or painted woods:
      - If they have been varnished with open-pore lasures: Remove foreign products, remove poorly adhered or poorly maintained areas, sand lightly, remove the dust resulting from sanding and proceed as on new woods.
      - If they have been varnished with closed pore varnishes or the like, sand thoroughly and if necessary remove by stripping or by mechanical means and proceed as on new woods.
      - If they have been varnished with cellulose or polyurethane varnishes, remove them by pickling or by mechanical means and proceed as on new woods.
      - If they have been enameled with synthetic enamels, remove by pickling or by mechanical means, sand until wood is reached and proceed as on new woods.



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