Casa Decor 2021 is coming to Madrid, with Pinturas Montó as the only representative from the paint industry

18 mayo 2021

Last Thursday, 13 May, was the opening day of one of the most impressive and interesting exhibitions in the world of decoration: Casa Decor 2021. This year, the event will take place in one of the most iconic buildings in Madrid, located just a few meters from Puerta de Sol: Casa de Tomas Allende.

The main objective of Casa Decor this year is to show the public the styles that will be predominant in decoration over the coming years, a period that will be marked by the changes to habits and routines that the pandemic has imposed on homes. The most outstanding features are attention to detail in decoration—due to the growing tendency of consumers to buy more decorative items—activities in the renovation sector and comfortable and functional designs.

The organisation has chosen Pinturas Montó as the only participant and official representative of the paint industry, due to its innovation and experience in the manufacture of quality products and for the special attention it gives when developing anything related to colour. In doing this, Pinturas Montó has positioned itself as a leading brand in the decoration sector, setting trends that capture the attention of interior designers and decorators.

In addition, to highlight the work of the paint industry, Pinturas Montó has decorated various rooms in Casa de Tomas Allende, filling them with colour, and it will also put on an exhibition with its most well-known products.

Pinturas Montó, together with top designers and the most prominent companies in the sector, will share a comprehensive vision of the avant-garde decoration we’ll be seeing over the coming years, combining technology, creativity and sustainability.

A key feature of Casa Decor 2021 is a focus on sustainable decoration, within a context marked by awareness of climate change and the growing importance in homes of improving one of the most important tools for protecting the planet: energy efficiency.

It should be noted that this year’s exhibition—the 56th—is a very special and long-awaited event, as the previous year was cancelled due to the pandemic. The organisation has brought this event back to life with great enthusiasm and vitality,

which is demonstrated by the choice of space. Casa de Tomas Allende is a building that was constructed between 1916 and 1920, with architecture and decoration that is unique to this city with its regionalist style. It also has an eclectic and diverse composition, built by groups of great innovative and creative professionals and companies.

Visitors will find various different decorated spaces in the house, such as the Gärna Studio Space "Garden of Delights” Hall, which highlights craftsmanship and more classic decoration, and the VG Living Space "#MissYourKiss” Hall, with a more minimalist and modern aesthetic.

The exhibition will be open to the public until June 27, and during this time the safety of its visitors will be guaranteed, in line with the health recommendations established by the authorities.