Microcement on walls: advantages and correct application

06 octubre 2021

Microcement is a decorative coating that has become very popular for luxury decoration in recent years. Its versatility, avant-garde aesthetic and multiple functionalities have made it a favourite choice for decorating rooms that are looking to achieve a more modern and minimalist style.

And although we were already accustomed to seeing the coating on floors,this trend is spreading very quickly to other elements, such as stairs,countertops and, above all, walls, whether in interior spaces, such as kitchensand bathrooms, or on façades and walls.


Advantages ofapplying microcement to walls

That thepopularity of microcement has grown exponentially in recent years is nocoincidence. It is a coating that offers multiple advantages andfunctionalities; it is simple to apply and provides an elegant aesthetic finish without theneed for large investments or renovations. All of this providesbenefits for both the professional and the customer.

In fact, this is its main advantage: offeringthe potential to completely change the appearance and style of a room with asingle product and without the need for building work, thus avoiding all thechaos that this entails.

Microcemento en paredes

TheMicrocemento system from Pinturas MONTÓ is compatible with all types of materials andcan be used on plaster, tiles and other substrates. And if the surface requirespreparation beforehand, you will have a Primer and Microcemento Fondo to evenand level out the substrate.

The product isalso highlydurable and resistant to impact, scratches and adverse weatherconditions. Walls covered with microcement are highly resistant to cracking,and it is also a waterproofproduct as there are no joints involved in its application.

And finally,the main advantage for decoration purposes is that it guarantees an elegantresult with its various different finishes (matt, satin and gloss) and hasa chart of 39 colours that canbe reproduced through the tintometric system.

How tocorrectly apply microcement on walls

Althoughmicrocement can be used to decorate any room, it is very popular for use inkitchens and bathrooms. As it is impermeable to running water and has nojoints, it is the ideal covering to decorate these rooms with a more modernstyle.

Another of the great advantages of microcementis that it does not require construction or renovations, so your customers cancontinue living in their homes as normal.




To applymicrocement on walls, just follow these simple steps:

o    Clean the surface, and ifnecessary, apply a Primer and Microcemento Fondo to even out thesurface, using the corresponding primer for the substrate in question.

o    Apply an initial coat of MicrocementoAcabado, about0.2 mm thick.

o    Apply further coats untilthe desired effect has been achieved.

o    Sand the surface to removeimperfections.

o    Apply the finishingvarnish.


And that’s it.Your clients will be able to enjoy a totally new and avant-garde space withoutthe need for construction work.

If you need more in-depth technical advice onthe application and components of the MicroCemento product range from PinturasMONTÓ, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are currently offering courses anddemonstrations in Spain, where we can answer all yourqueries and help you to achieve a perfect finish in each of your projects