Two-component acrylic-polyurethane super enamel for multiple uses. Ultra-resistant coating of maximum durability, provides superior performance to traditional synthetic or acrylic paints. Especially necessary in aggressive or industrial environments. Highly decorative matte finish.

10 - 15 m²/L
Drying time
20-30 min
4L 0.75L


  • Outdoor/Indoor

  • Previously primed metal: iron, steel, galvanised metal, aluminium, copper, etc.

  • Wood

  • Construction

  • Plastic

  • Applicable on fiberglass

  • Tiles (Conduct a previous adhesion test)

How to apply?

  • Brush
  • Roller
  • Spray gun 


White, Black and Bases BL, IN and TR. 

- Stir the product until perfectly blended. Add the catalyst and homogenize again. 

- Apply to clean dry substrates, remove any waste matter using degreasers or detergents and clean water.

- Do not apply the product at high temperatures or on surfaces exposed to strong insolation.

- Maintain good ventilation conditions while drying.

- Do not apply with relative moisture above 80%.

- Given the broad spectrum of bases, for direct applications on problematic surfaces, it is recommended that you first carry out

adhesion tests. If false fastening is detected, prime as indicated in the attached table.

- As a preventive measure, prime using the products indicated in the attached table.

- On tiles and ceramic surfaces, carry out adhesion tests. It is recommended that the pore be opened using chlorhydric acid.

New surfaces

Iron and derivatives:

1. To protect the base, prior to decorating, treat with suitable primers (family 6) following the specifications indicated on the

technical record.

2. To decorate the base ensure it is free from foreign materials and/or waste matter and that it is dry and free from grease

and dust. If there are signs of rust, the rust should be removed using a mechanical plane or other mechanical means. Oxifín

may also be used (see technical record).

New wood:

1. The base must be free from foreign materials and/or waste matter.
2. Apply to wood with a moisture content of less than 20%.
3. Apply to healthy wood which is dry and free from grease and dust.
4. Sand down and remove any remains of glue in joints and defects from mechanical processes.
5. If the wood shows signs of ageing, it should first be sanded down, primed and any dust removed through brushing or any
other mechanical means.
6. In this instance the most suitable primer is GAMA MONTOPOL FONDO.

Plaster work (plaster, cement or derivatives):

1. Treat these bases in the usual manner, removing saltpetre, excess moisture and efflorescence.
2. Remove foreign materials and/or waste matter.
3. Once dry, prime using Fijamont, Emulsión Fijadora.


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