The best wall decoration trends for 2022/2023 

17 marzo 2022

Wall colour plays a fundamental role in interior decoration. In addition to enveloping the environments, accompanying and highlighting the latest decoration trends, it has the ability to add brightness, enhance the feeling of spaciousness, convey pleasant emotions and even increase wellbeing in the home. 

Thenew 2022/2023 Pinturas MONTÓ trends chart aims to meet all these decorationchallenges and, above all, improve wellbeing in the home, to generate thoseemotions that we need so much when we get home: calm, quiet, serenity,joy. 

Getinspired to renovate your walls with the Trends 2022 colour chart, whereyou will find all the most fashionable colours, from the softest and moresubtle options, to the most intense and colourful shades. 

On-trendwall colours for 2022

Whatwill be the on-trendcolours for interior decoration this 2022

Pastelcolours will take centre stage this season, especially beige and beige withgrey tones. 

You can see it in the Wellbeing trend with colours like Cola Nut,Soft Makeup or Blackberry Yoghurt. Shades that are associated with emotionssuch as calm and comfort, and that are reflected in our imperious desire to achieve a balance between body and mind,

colores tendencia 2022 

especiallywhen we get home after a busy day and stillness and peace becomeessential. 

Thesearch for wellbeing is on the rise right now, as is the need to take care ofourselves. Personalcare has become a priority and the Spa trend brings ushighly exclusive shades that evoke a detox style. 

Slightly more intense shades, such as SoftSpirulina, Rock Tea or Thermal Water make up a palette of colours that willhelp you create an environment with a clean and hygienic appearance, mixed withother minerals to provide great warmth

tendencia decoración paredes 


Onthe other hand, nothing is more closely linked to self-care than spending timeoutdoors, in nature. Although these last two years and our new routines haveforced us to spend more time indoors, decoration has managed to bring natureindoors. 

Warm,nourishing and organic colours help us reconnect with nature, and with the Nature trend fromPinturas MONTÓ you can find terracotta shades that fit perfectly with the useof tones inspired by vegetation and nature, such as Toasted Sunset, Wet Gravelor Fire Moss.

colores paredes 2022  


And to fill the house with that much needed and important optimism andexcitement, the Joy chart offers colours that convey a positive and hopeful message. Aproposal of cheerful and bright shades that, together with other pastels, havethe ability to evoke happiness and harmony in the most atmospheric spaces ofthe house, such as the living room or dining room

tendencias decoración interiores 


These are just a few of the wall decorating trends from the Trends Chartfor 2022/2023. Discover all the other trends within the Pinturas MONTÓ chart,get inspired to carry out your next decoration projects and do not hesitateto contact us if you need to find the perfect colour.