Satin white nitrocellulose lacquer with excellent opacity, hardness, whiteness, and spreadability. Its quick drying and waxy, silky finish are also noteworthy.

Drying time
10-20 min
25L 5L 0.75L


Wood previously primed
Exclusive use in facilities regulated by R.D. 117/2003 or Directive 2010/75/UE Chapter V for European Union countries.

How to apply?

Spray gun


White Base 102

  • Stir the product until it is perfectly homogeneous.

  • Dilute the first coat adequately to achieve good penetration into the substrate. - It is recommended to increase the dilution on very porous or very smooth surfaces. - Coat thicknesses exceeding those indicated in the performance section should never be applied. - Sand between coats always.

  • Do not apply the product in high temperatures or on surfaces exposed to strong sunlight.

  • Maintain good ventilation conditions during the drying time.

  • Do not apply in conditions with relative humidity exceeding 75-80%. Excess humidity can cause "whitening." - Dilute the product on porous woods.

  • Respect the minimum time between coats to avoid disruption.

  • Preferably apply over any product in the MONTOLAC PRIMER range.

New Support:

  • New Wood: - The support must be free from foreign products and/or residues - Apply to wood with a moisture content below 12% - Apply to sound wood, well degreased, dust-free, and dry.

  • Sand and remove possible adhesive residues at joints and machining defects.

  • If the wood shows signs of aging, it should be sanded and dust removed through brushing or any other mechanical means.

  • Prime with recommended products as per the application chart.

Restoration and Maintenance:

  • Varnished or Painted Wood:

  • If they have been varnished or painted with varnishes or paints that can be thinned with white spirit, turpentine, similar solvents, or synthetic and fatty solvents, they must be removed using a Universal Paint Stripper or mechanical means until new wood is exposed.

  • In case of doubt, remove the previous varnish.

  • If applying over nitrocellulose varnish or polyurethane varnish, sand to open the pores, remove the resulting dust through brushing, and re-varnish.

  • In any case, check adhesion to the previous varnish, and in case of doubt, remove it.

  • If household cleaning products containing silicone have been used during maintenance, it is advisable to sand the wood until it is completely removed.

  • Prime with recommended products.


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