Treatment of the woodworm with certificate of effectiveness. Preventive use.Protection against wood destroying fungi.Broad spectrum for the conservation of wood. For new and used wood, out of contact with soil and water.In all cases it is necessary to coat with a finished product.
-Protection of any type of wood, especially outdoors
3 - 5 m²/L
Drying time
30-60 min
2.5L 0.75L


  • -Protection of any type of wood, especially outdoors
  • -In new and used woods. Especially indicated in outdoor applications
  • -Outdoor, in woods subject to a class of risk 3.
  • - Outdoor/Indoor
  • Suitable for woodwork, doors, windows, moldings, etc.
  • Improves adhesion to subsequent layers
  • Wood treatment
  • Wood after varnished
  • Environmental use: Only specialized staff
  • Use for general public
  • Surface treatment wood for woodworm

How to apply?

  • Painting brush
  • Roller


Homogenize the product slowly using a spatula.
Open pore with sandpaper (40-80) for wood.
"In order to avoid risk to people and the environment follow the instructions for use"- Before using the product, read the label carefully.
- Do not apply on food or cooking utensils.
- Do not use the presence of a person or pets.
- Properly vent the room where the product is applied.
- Do not mix with any other chemical.
- Do not apply the product in places where it could contaminate surface water.
- Cover the floor with plastic during outdoor application.
- General public: Apply the product by brush or roller, without diluting.
- Specialized professional: Apply the product by brush or roller, without diluting.
- Dry to dust after 1-2 h, (depending on wood type, condition, and environmental conditions)- Drying time to handle and repaint: 24h (at 23ºC and 60% RH).
- Handle waste and packaging in an appropriate manner.
Soporte Nuevo:
On uncontaminated woods usable as preventive (See in Technical Characteristics).
General precautions in the application conditions:
- During application and drying, the temperature must be above 5 ° C and relative humidity below 80%.
2. When applying the product, the moisture content of the wood should not exceed 18% and the surface of the wood should be dry, clean and free of rot. Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
On uncontaminated woods remove varnish and use as a preventive. (See in Technical Characteristics).
General precautions in the application conditions:
The same as for new woods.


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I´m interested in this product

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