White grain filler nitrocellulose lacquer, with excellent whiteness and filling capacity, easy to apply, fast-drying and easy to sand.
Drying time
10-15 min
25L 5L


  • Indoors
  • For fiber swimming pool
  • New
  • As a primer for sealing porous surfaces
  • Product for exclusive use in industries regulated by Directive 2010/75 Chapter V.
  • Base for lacquering all types of indoor furnishings.
  • Ideal base coat for repainting with nitrocellulose

How to apply?

  • Painting brush
  • Roller
  • Air-less gun
  • Air-mix gun
  • Aerographic gun
Stir the product until perfectly blended.
- Dilute the first coat well to achieve good penetration into the substrate. - On very porous or smooth bases, it is advisable to increase dilution- It should never be applied in layers thicker than those indicated in the performance section. - Always sand between coats.
- Do not apply the product at high temperatures or on surfaces exposed to strong sunlight.
- Ensure the area is well ventilated while the product is drying.
- Do not apply with relative humidity over 75-80%. Excess humidity may cause "bleaching"- Dilute the product if applying to porous wood- Respect the minimum time between coats to avoid damaging the applied coat.
Soporte Nuevo:
- New woods- The surface must be free from foreign products and/or residues- Apply to wood with a moisture content of less than 12%- Apply to wood which is sound, dry, and free from grease and dust.
- Sand down to remove any traces of glue in joints and milling defects.
- If the wood shows signs of ageing, it must first be sanded down and any dust removed using a brush or any other mechanical means.
- Prime with recommended products Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
- Varnished or painted woods:
- If the wood has been treated with varnishes thinned with white spirit, turpentine, imitation turpentine or solvents for synthetics and oils, these should be removed using universal stripper or mechanical means until untreated wood is reached.
- If in doubt, remove previous varnish- If it is applied on cellulose or polyurethane varnishes, sand down to open the pores, brush off any resulting dust and re-varnish.
- In all cases, check adhesion to the previous varnish and, if in doubt, remove it.
- If silicone-based domestic cleaning products have been used on the wood during maintenance, it is a good idea to sand down the wood to ensure complete removal.


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