Aromatic hardener (not yellowing) to be used with polyurethanes with white finishes, pastels and those sensitive to yellowing over time that come from the transparent Montopol Range.
10K 2K


  • Inside
  • Wood


- Stir the product until perfectly blended.
- Mix without modifying under any circumstances the proportions of part A (Montopol Range Product), with part B (Montopol NA hardener)- Mix with the indicated product by manually stirring with a wooden, metal or glass spatula, in a well-ventilated space, leaving it to rest for a few minutes
Soporte Nuevo:
New woods: - Follow the instructions of the product range Montopol catalyze. Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
Varnished or painted wood:
- Follow the instructions of the product range Montopol catalyze.


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I´m interested in this product

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