Special opaque smooth lining concrete. Based on acrylic resins in water emulsion, characterized by its excellent adhesion. Protects concrete structures degradation.
6 - 10 m²/L
Drying time
1-2 hours


  • Outdoors/Indoors
  • Cement mortars
  • Concrete
  • Concrete

How to apply?

  • Painting brush
  • Roller
  • Air-less gun
  • Air-mix gun


White and colors
- Stir until perfect homogenization.
- Dilute the product in terms of porosity and state of the support.
- In the first coat high dilutions are recommended that could reach 40%. In this way the product will penetrate the maximun in the support.
- It is recommended total layer thickness of around 250 microns wet.
- Apply to clean and dry substrates.
- Apply following the instructions marked on the attached application chart.
- Do not apply the product at high temperatures, or on surfaces exposed to intense sunlight.
- Do not apply at temperatures below 5 ° C.
Soporte Nuevo:
Cement Mortar:
1. Wait until total drying (minimum 30 days).
2. Clean any efflorescence with abrasive blasting.
3. Neutralize the alkaline surfaces.
4. On slick surfaces, sanding to open pore.
5. Clear support for foreign products. Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
1. Eliminate completely the old paint in poor condition or poorly attached.
2. Glossy surfaces must be tempered to ensure good adhesion.
3. In painted supports it should be checked the strenght and anchoring of the painting, diagnose their nature to avoid potential incompatibilities and remove dust and dirtiness before being repainted.
4. Putty with putty the defects of the support (see family 6 the putty products and ready putties to make an educated choice).
5. Treat with Montolimp the supports with mold.



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