Quick drying primer, based on alkyd resin and solid to light and weatherproof colour pigments.
5 - 8 m²/L
Drying time
15-30 min
4L 0.75L


  • Outdoors/Indoors
  • steel
  • Iron
  • Industrial machines and iron structures

How to apply?

  • Painting brush
  • Roller
  • Air-less gun
  • Air-mix gun
  • Aerographic gun
  • Low preasure turbo


Red 205, Grey 211, Black 207, White 100, Green 200 (Ral 6011), Blue 202, Orange 208,
-Stir until perfectly blended.
-The recommended thickness for all layers is between 25 and 100 micras, depending on the desired protective effect.
-Apply to clean, dry substrates, removing any waste matter using degreasers or detergents and clean water.
-Apply in accordance with the instructions given in the attached application table.
Do not apply the product at high temperatures or on surfaces exposed to strong insolation.
-Do not apply with relative moisture of over 80% or at temperatures below 5º.
- Ensure good ventilation while product is drying.
Soporte Nuevo:
-New metal bases:
The base must be free from foreign materials, rust and/or waste matter.
-Apply to clean, dry bases free from grease and dust.
-Before applying the finish, a PRE-TREATMENT is required to remove any possible rust, ideally an abrasive blasting, which enables maximum performance of the product in the long term.
-The quality of the pre-treatment is as important as the quality of the primer and paint.
-If, due to initial cost demands, the abrasive blasting is not viable, remove rust by planing or sanding down or using another mechanical means.
-An ideal product for treating old rust formations is Oxifín (cod. 1900). Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
-Enamelled iron and its derivatives:
-Follow the rules outlined for new materials with regard to removing foreign materials, grease, cleaning and treating rust.
-Given that the previous coats may have come loose, often unnoticed by the applicator and the primer, it is recommended that these layers be removed using a heat gun, blasting or by other means.


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