Highly penetrating fixing primer for porous surfaces and new or painted construction materials. Gives outstanding adhesion level.
14 - 16 m²/L
Drying time
10-30 min
12L 4L


  • Outdoors/Indoors
  • Cement
  • Plaster
  • Fixer for uneven surfaces
  • Fixer, adherence helper, absorption regulation and hardener for porous supports that have been painted with pliolite base paints.
  • Universal primer for water base paints

How to apply?

  • Painting brush
  • Roller
  • Air-less gun
  • Air-mix gun
  • Aerographic gun
  • Low preasure turbo


-Stir product thoroughly.
-Apply only on clean and dry surfaces.
-Thin product depending on surface absorption to avoid a brilliant effect. (See Aplication Systems guidelines).
-Surface should be sandpapered previously to ensure good surface penetration.
-Do not apply at high temperatures or on any surfaces exposed to sunlight.
-Do not apply at over 80% relative moisturing level.
Soporte Nuevo:
Cement morter, plaster and by products.
-Wait till complete drying of product and surface (30 days minimum with less than 20% humidity level).
-Surface should be totally dry.
-Remove off any efflorescences and neutralize alkaline surfaces.
-Remove off any foreing products or remains.
-Extremely polished surfaces should be sandpapered to open pore.
-Cover surface imperfections with suitable plaster or putty (See Family 6 to help you choose the most suitable product to prepare surfaces).
For bad condition surfaces apply Fijamont before and after puttying.
-Mildewed surfaces should be treated with Montolimp fungicide.
New wood:
-Should surface need a fungicidal product apply Montoxyl Fondo Incoloro .
-Apply Fijamont only if surface is to be painted over with water or solvent based paints (see recommended paints on application table).
-Should any other synthetic varnish or enamelled be applied follow their respective application guidelines. (See Family 5). Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
-Old paints should be removed off completely.
-Brilliant surfaces should be matted to ensure good surface penetration.
-Remove off any foreing products.
-Old coats should be removed by blast cleaning or stripping product. -Cover surfaces imperfections with suitable putty or plaster (see Family 6 to help you choose the most suitable product to prepare surfaces).
-We recommend applying Emulsion Fijadora before and after puttying.


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