Satin-finish polyurethane high-solid lacquer varnish with anti-rust properties. Recommended for use in alkyd regimes on steel, wood or masonry. In order to mark the grain well, use broad paintbrushes that are suitable for the surface to be painted. The grain will be better-defined when the length of the bristles is irregular.
8 - 12 m²/L
Drying time
6-8 hours


  • Outdoors/Indoors
  • Metal after priming
  • Wood
  • In order to apply on galvanized iron to consult with the technical department

How to apply?

  • Flat brush


Roble, Embero, Nogal, Iroko, Sapeli, Caoba and Wengue. Colours can be mixed together to create different shades
To remove the product until its perfect homogenization.
- To apply following the norms marked in the attached picture of application.
- To print previously, on new wood, with Anticarcomas Klearxyl Di (cod. 501377) if a preventive protection is desired forehead to fungi or bacteria.
- Not to apply the product to extreme temperatures, nor on exposed surfaces to strong insolation.
- To maintain the conditions of good ventilation during the masking time.
- Not to apply with relative humidities superior to 80%.
-Apply a generous layer and use the paintbrush to spread evenly.
-To better emphasise the difference between the grains, it is advisable to roughly cut the bristles of the paintbrush to different lengths.
-Excellent results can also be achieved using the Imitation Wood Grain-Creating Block.
-Select the width of the brush based on the surface to be painted. The wider the brush, the better the effects will be.
-Before starting work, choose the direction in which the grain will be created and apply the product in one or two strokes. To avoid creating smudges when making these strokes, apply using a continuous wavy motion.
-The time period for retouching is 10-15 minutes depending on the temperature. -It is best not to use rollers to create this effect, but it may be necessary to use a roller to apply the first layer when preparing certain surfaces, and to finish with a second coat applied using a paintbrush.
Soporte Nuevo: New Wood:
- The support must be free of strange products and/or remainders.
- To apply on wood with an inferior humidity content to 20%.
- To apply on healthy wood, taken the grease out of well, without dust and droughts.
- To sandpaper and to eliminate possible rest of tail in the assemblies and failures of the mechanized one.
- If the wood presents/displays aging signs must previously be sandpapered, be printed and eliminated the cepillado dust by means of or any other average mechanic.
- In this case the suitable primer more is the Selladora Sellalux.
- Iron and its derivatives:
- To protect the support, previous to its decoration, to deal with suitable primer (family 6) following the marked specifications in its card.
- For the decoration of the support, this one must be free of strange products and/or remainders, as well as taken the grease out of well, without dry dust and. If it presents/displays oxidation signs, the oxide must be eliminated by means of cepillado or any other average mechanic. Also the Oxifín is adapted (to see list of credits).
Work (plaster, cement and derivatives):
- To deal with the habitual way these supports, being eliminated saltpeters, excesses of humidity and eflorescencias.
- To eliminate strange products and/or remainders.
- A time dry to print with Sellalux Primer. Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
Varnished or painted Wood:
- If they have been varnished with Montoxyl color (cod. 1300): to eliminate strange products, to eliminate zones badly adhered or in badly been, to sandpaper slightly, to eliminate the resulting dust of the sandpapering and behavior like on new wood.
- If they have been varnished, to eliminate by means of pickling with Universal Quitamont (cod. 3510) or by means of average mechanics and behavior like on new wood.
- If they have been enameled with synthetic enamel (Montosintétic (cod. 2020, cod. 2024), Salt marsh (cod. 2010, cod. 2014), Luxatín (cod. 2028) or similars, to open pore by means of sandpapering, to eliminate the resulting dust and to come like on new wood.
- Enameled Iron and its derivatives:
- On paintings in good state to sandpaper to open the pore verifying that the adhesion is perfect.
- On paintings in badly been eliminating them by means of average mechanics or chemistries and behavior like new support.


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