Synthetic enamel glycerophthalic, gloss, top-quality, recommended in alkyd systems on steel, wood or builds, designed for its use in Cromiservice Systems. Without aromatic solvents.
14 - 16 m²/L
Drying time
4-5 hours
4L 0.75L


  • Outdoors/Indoors
  • Metal after priming
  • Wood,
  • Case of applying on special metals, galvanized and supports with adhesion problems, to print with Montoepox

How to apply?

  • Brush, Roller


Bases A.M., BL, RO, IN, TR. Tintométric systems Montomix and Colora
To follow the steps indicated in our Cromiservice System taking care of the norms prescribed by the Tintométrico Dispenser for the obtaining of the wished color.
- Next to come to the agitation preferredly by means of gyroscopic agitator type FAST-MIXER.
- Apply on clean and dry substrata, eliminating the dirt by means of detergents and clean water.
- Apply following the norms marked in the attached picture of application.
- To print previously, on new wood, with Montoxyl Fondo (cod. 1301) if a preventive protection is desired forehead to fungi or bacteria.
- Do not apply the product to elevated temperatures, nor on exposed surfaces to strong sun.
- To maintain the conditions of good ventilation during the masking time. Not to apply with relative humidities superior to 80%.
Soporte Nuevo:
New wood:
- The support must be free of strange products and/or remainders.
- Apply on wood with humidity content inferior to 20%.
- Apply on healthy wood, taken the grease out of well, without dust and droughts.
- Sandpaper and eliminate possible rest of tail in the assemblies and failures.
- If the wood presents/displays aging signs must previously be sandpapered, be printed and the dust eliminated.
- In this case the suitable primer more is the Sellalux Primer or Pasta Mate Industrial.
New iron and derivatives:
- The support must be free of strange products and/or remainders.
- To apply on supports, without grease , without dust and dry.
- If they present/display oxidation signs,oxide must be eliminated. Also the Oxifín is adapted.
- Later to deal with suitable primer, type minium of lead, white antirust primer. Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
Varnished or painted wood:
- If they have been varnished with Montoxyl color (cod. 1300): eliminate strange products, eliminate zones badly adhered or in badly state, to sandpaper slightly, eliminate the resulting dust of the sandpapering and behavior like on new wood.
- If they have been varnished, to eliminate with Universal Quitamont (cod. 3510) or by means of average mechanics and behavior like on new wood. It is possible to paint it after verifying adhesion with Synthetic Enamel Satin Cromiservice.
- If they have been enameled with synthetic enamel (Montosintétic (cod. 2020, cod. 2024), Salt marsh (cod. 2010, cod. 2014), Luxatín (cod. 2028) or similars, to open pore until obtaining perfect adhesion, eliminating the resulting dust of the sandpapering and behavior like on new wood.
Enameled iron and its derivatives:
- To follow the norms indicated on new supports with respect to the strange product elimination, taking out of grease , cleaning and presence of oxides. Also if they have been enameled with synthetic enamels, to open the pore until obtaining perfect adhesion.


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