Classical Venecian Stucco for interiors. Outstanding smooth finish. By being applied with the "Spatulated Technique" multiple shades within same hue can be obtained.
1 - 2 m²/KG
Drying time
10 min
1KG 20KG 5KG


  • Indoors
  • Plaster
  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Possibility to combinate colours
  • On exteriors, it can be used with a coat of STUCCO FINISH GLOSS VARNISH
  • Smooth stucco with slight difference for a same hue

How to apply?

  • Stainless trowel
  • Pallete / spatula
  • Gross sandpaper nbr.180 or nbr.220: Pore opening
  • Fine sandpaper


Bases: White 400, Neutral 410. Colors of card High Decoration nº 1, more colors of the Tintométrico System
-Ready to use product,no need to dilute.
Soporte Nuevo: Cement morter:
-On concrete performance is: 1 m2/kg-Wait till complete drying of product (30 days minimum).
-Remove off any efflorescences by abrassive jet and neutralize alkaline surfaces.
-Extremely polished surfaces should be sandpapered to open pores.
-Anchor surfaces in bad condition with Emulsion Fijadora Fijamont (fixer).
-Remove off any foreing products or remains.
-Bad condition surfaces should be anchored properly (see family 6).
-Cover surface imperfections with Plastmont Exteriores (See Family 6 to help you choose the most suitable product to prepare surfaces).
-Wait till complete drying of product (20% max. Moisture level).
-Remove off any foreign product or product remains.
-Remove off any efflorescences.
-Use Selladora Sellalux (sealant) or Pasta Mate Industrial (matt paste) to regulate surface absorption.
-Extremely polished surfaces should be sandpapered to open pores.
-Very damaged surfaces should be fixed with Emulsion Fijadora Fijamont (fixer).
-Cover surface imperfections with plaster (See Family 6 to help you choose the most suitable product to prepare surfaces).
-Mildewed surfaces should be treated with Montolimp fungicide. Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
1. Remove off old paint completely.
2. Brilliant surfaces should be matted to ensure good adherence.
3. Check paint type and anchoring in painted surfaces to avoid incompatibilities. Remove off any dust or dirt before painting.
Cover surface imperfecti


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