Matte acrylic enamel for decorating and protecting all types of surfaces. High quality and resistant to scratches, impacts, UV, and weather. Good retention of brightness and color. Smooth and uniform finish, resistant to dirt (once dry).

Drying time
10 min








Natural stone

PVC and plastic (perform a prior adhesion test)

Glass and tile (perform a prior adhesion test)


Paper and cardboard

How to apply?



RAL 9005 (Black), RAL 9010 (White)

  • Shake the container vigorously for approximately 2 minutes to achieve perfect homogenization of its content.
  • Perform an application test in an inconspicuous place.
  • Protect the areas that will not be painted.
  • Apply at a distance between 25-30 cm from the support in light and crossed strokes.
  • Do not apply the product at high temperatures or on surfaces exposed to strong sunlight.
  • Maintain good ventilation conditions during the drying time.
  • Do not apply with a relative humidity higher than 80%.
  • Do not use at temperatures below 15ºC.
  • When finished, empty the contents of the cannula by dosing with the container upside down.
  • Approximate yield per 400 ml container: 1-2 m² (two crossed coats).

New Support:

New Woods:

  • The support must be free of foreign substances and/or residues.
  • Apply to woods with a moisture content below 12%.
  • Apply to healthy woods, well degreased, dust-free, and dry.
  • Sand and remove possible glue residues on joints and machining flaws. If the wood shows signs of aging, it must be sanded beforehand, and dust removed by brushing or any other mechanical means.
  • Protect areas that should not be painted.
  • In general, remove poorly adhered or damaged products.

Iron, Derived Metals, and Other Metals:

  • The support must be free of foreign substances and/or residues.
  • The surface must be degreased, clean, and dry.
  • On rusted surfaces, rust must be removed using the usual methods recommended by Monto in any antioxidant manufactured by our company, and it must be applied beforehand.
  • Protect areas that you do not want to paint.
  • In general, remove poorly adhered or damaged products.

Construction (plaster, cement, derivatives, cardboard):

  • Remove foreign substances and/or residues.
  • The surface must be degreased, clean, and dry.
  • Remove possible efflorescence using traditional methods.
  • Remove poorly adhered or damaged products in general.

Restoration and Maintenance:

Varnished or Painted Woods:

  • In any case, check the adhesion to the previous varnish or paint, and if in doubt, remove it.
  • In case of doubt, remove the previous varnish or paint. If household cleaning products based on silicones have been used during maintenance, it is advisable to sand the wood until completely removed.

Iron and Its Enameled Derivatives:

  1. On paints in good condition, sand to open the pore, checking that adhesion is perfect.
  2. On paints in poor condition, remove them by mechanical or chemical means and proceed as with a new support.


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