What are the best products for children’s rooms?

28 febrero 2018

When choosing a type of paint for your kids’ room, it is essential to find products that take care of their health and meet a series of requirements: the paint must not contain toxic substances, it must be water-based, making it cleaner, and it must be odourless, so the room can be used again quickly.

Choosing a quality plastic paint isvery important. Firstly, because it will be more durable and provide greatercoverage. And secondly, because these paints are water-based, which is muchhealthier and safer for children. They are highly washable and,due to their uniform finish, dirt cannot penetrate into the deeper layers, sothey are also cleaner. A perfect example of a quality plastic paint is OVALDINE.

Healthy paints for walls and ceilings inchildren's rooms

As we mentioned, when choosing a paint forchildren's rooms, it is important to choose a quality product, but you shouldalso go one step further by choosing products classified as healthy, as theywill help you to maintain a sanitary environment, free of compounds that cancause allergies.

There are several different options whenit comes to this type of paint:

 SMART AIRE PURO isa self-cleaning, air-purifying, photocatalytic plastic paint for internal usethat guarantees good washability, whiteness and coverage.

It is also aproduct with low emissions and low odour, so children’s rooms can be used againvery soon after painting.

UNOZERO is a plastic paint that includesthe latest advances and innovations in sustainable paints that respect theenvironment and people's health.

It has no odour andgenerates no emissions, and its anti-bacterial and anti-mould properties makeit an excellent choice for walls and ceilings in children's rooms.

MAGNUMECOLÓGICO is a plastic paint with anecological certificate that offers high performance, coverage and levelling.

It also has a widevariety of associated colours that are perfect for decorating children's roomswhile protecting their health.

It is essential toadd decoration and colour to bring your children's rooms to life.

Another greatoption to add colour to a space is MONTONATURE,a multi-purpose enamel that allows you to decorate other surfaces in children'srooms in any colour, such as desks, chairs, radiators, etc., in a durable wayand without producing odours.

But how can you choose from so many differentcolours? We offer the kids’ colour chart, with 18 different shades designed for thelittle ones, to help you decide.

Space for creativity

In addition to thinking about the health of yourlittle ones, there is one other thing that cannot be missing in a child's room:creativity. If what you are looking for, besides painting and decorating theroom, is to create a unique space where children can develop their imagination,there are several options to create special and fun spaces.

With HTM MAGNETIC, awall can be turned into a space for leaving notes, drawings or decorativemagnets. This lightly textured primer allows you to stick magnets to walls,furniture and non-ferrous metals, allowing you to achieve a finish in anycolour with water-based paints.

If you want your little ones to be able to lettheir imagination run wild and draw directly on the walls, HTM PINTURA PIZARRAS is the way to do it. Thissatin-finish water-based paint, available in black, green and blue, allows youto write with chalk on surfaces such as plasterboard, plaster or solid wood..

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