What will be the trends in architecture for 2022

12 enero 2022

Unlike passing fads in other sectors, trends in architecture have the capacity to leave their mark over time with the constructions and buildings that are planned each year.

This is why it is so important to choose the right materials and products when carrying out projects, so the constructions will last and continue to inspire that "wow" factor for years to come.

This 2022, trends in architecture will maintain a very similar spirit to those of last year, as we will continue to focus on overcoming two crucial challenges for the development of our society: sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings and a commitment to energy efficiency.

Thus, trends in architecture in 2022 will be marked by the following elements and factors:

Trends in architecture 2022: nature as inspiration

This search for sustainability leads us to draw inspiration from nature, with the aim of strengthening ties with it and improving our own wellbeing by creating biophilic interiors and environments made with natural materials, such as garden staircases or floral ceilings.

This trend not only applies to homes, but is increasingly associated with offices and workspaces.

Sustainability and efficiency

The use of environmentally friendly materials and elements that promote energy efficiency in buildings will be two fundamental aspects in construction over the coming years. There will be a particular focus on the use of low-polluting and energy-efficient materials and recycled resources in construction.

At Pinturas MONTÓ we are working to develop these types of materials, which allow the creation of increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure, such as the MONTÓ Thêrm Thermal Insulation Systems, which improve the energy efficiency of buildings, or environmentally friendly and emission-free paints.


tendencias arquitectura 2022

Open, functional and minimalist spaces

This year will be dominated by open and multifunctional spaces that can be adapted to the needs of their occupants and to different circumstances, accompanied by minimalist decoration.

All of this will also be accompanied by a greater role for home automation and technology, with more automated elements that improve the wellbeing, comfort and safety of users.

Adoption of the BIM system

More and more architectural and construction firms are embracing Building Information Modelling (BIM), a digital construction process that provides architects, engineers, contractors and owners with accurate information about the physical and functional components of a building model. This, in turn, facilitates smarter, faster and more sustainable planning, design and construction.

As a company whose goal is to become a benchmark in the construction sector, at Pinturas MONTÓ we have modelled our entire portfolio of MONTÓ Professional products in BIM files so that construction professionals can integrate them into their projects.

In fact, you can download these files free of charge from Bimetica.

These will be the main architectural trends for 2022. If you are an architect, builder or engineer and you need information or personalised advice to carry out your projects, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help and to advise you on the use of materials to ensure a successful result.