The power of siloxane paints: advantages and products

26 mayo 2021

Research and innovation are key to responding to growing market demands. Today, in light of the pandemic, market needs vary and companies must respond to these new demands, especially in sectors that are heavily involved in health and people's lives, such as the paint industry. 

According to the latest Market ResearchStore study, the siloxane market is booming worldwide due to its benefits andadvantages in maintaining hygiene. This is why siloxane paints have gained moreprominence recently.

Siloxane paints are coating systems thatcontain silicone resins, among other components, which provide more durable andeffective protection for façades, combining the properties of plastic paintswith the properties of mineral coatings.

Advantages of siloxane paints

Siloxane paints are a trend because theyoffer great advantages for the painter and their customers:

o   They offer high moisture resistance,since their components allow rising damp from the interior to be completelyreleased.

o   It offers great resistance to dirt, aswhen the moisture is released, the steam carries away any dirt that has settledon the coating, achieving a self-cleaning effect and keeping the façade cleanerfor a longer period of time.

o   The silicone resins enable it to repelrain water.

o   It offers high heat resistance anddurability.

o   It provides great coverage and highprotection in intense colours, with a varied colour chart.


Pinturas al siloxano

Siloxane paints at Pinturas Montó

As experts in the refurbishment andrenovation of façades, at Pinturas MONTÓ we work daily to offer specificsolutions to the emerging demands of the sector. As such, we strive tomanufacture innovative products that meet the demands of buildings and offergreat advantages not only for the professional painter, but also for the peoplewho live in the buildings.

That is why we decided to includesiloxane paints in our latest launch of products for façades, with thefollowing coatings:

Ovaldine Fachadas Siloxano

Ovaldine Siloxano is a siloxane coatingfor renovating and decorating high-performance façades. It offers greatadvantages, such as high durability and protection for the façade, high protectionin intense colours and a perfect combination of breathability andimpermeability.

This product has self-cleaningproperties, repelling dirt and water thanks to the siloxane and preventing theproliferation of stains and damp on the surface.

Ovaldine Siloxano also offers a guaranteeof up to 12 years in white colours and up to 10 years in the COF and ETERNAcolour charts from Pinturas Montó.

Montokril + Siloxano

Montokril + Siloxane is an all-purposesiloxane coating from Pinturas Montó that offers a perfect balance betweencoverage, resistance, waterproofing and breathability. It is also a productthat is characterised by its easy application and good coverage, according toseveral professionals.

Like Ovaldine Fachadas Siloxano,Montokril + Siloxano also repels dirt and water, thanks to its silicone resins,and it offers a guarantee of up to 7 years on all colours.

In short, siloxane paints are not just a trend,they offer great advantages for professionals and, above all, for the peoplewho live inside the buildings, providing improved hygiene and a healthierenvironment without the danger of damp.