Latest trends in paints for interior decoration

09 junio 2021

Choosing the right colour or colour scheme is often a matter of concern for your customers. 

Either becausethey don't know which colours are on trend, because they don't have time tocheck the colour charts, or simply because they have no knowledge ofdecorating.

These customersoften ask your advice as a professional painter, and they rely on yourknowledge and experience to achieve the result of their dreams. Being aware ofthe latest trends in decorative paint can help you better advise your customersand offer that extra service that will make all the difference.

Decorative trends for interior paints in 2021:colours


Predominance ofgreen tones

Sustainabilityand protection of the planet are two issues that people are increasinglyconcerned about, and this need to care for nature has materialised indecorative trends, such as the use of sustainable materials and paints and green tones.

Dark tonescombined with more neutral tones, such as white or beige, give interiors afresh and modern look, while also maintaining a level of sophistication andelegance. It is an ideal colour for hallways, living rooms or bedrooms; youcould paint just one or two walls of the room.

Mint green,sage green and lime green are three other very fashionable shades in the worldof decoration, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, due to their clean look.

Thecomfort of earth tones

Earth tones aretimeless, never go out of fashion and are always effective because of theelegance and sense of calm they convey.

By mixing light and dark tones, such as beigeand brown, and adding a few special touches to the decoration with on-trendmaterials, such as wood or metals with a rust-effect, you can create a roomthat conveys calm, comfort and a sense of balance between all the decorativeelements.


Whiteand powdered pink

White is thequintessential neutral colour; it never goes out of fashion, it allows you toemphasise the decoration and it provides a lot of brightness, spaciousness andcleanliness. But it is also a colour that works with everything, so you cancreate new colour combinations that bring more joy and personality to thehouse.

This is thecase when it is combined with pastel shades, which are also in fashion rightnow, particularly powdered pink, a very subtle and delicate colour that bringsa sense of harmony and optimism to any space.

Bluein all its varieties

From navy blueto sky blue, this colour shines in all of its forms, and thanks to itsversatility it can be used in all rooms of the house: the bathroom, thekitchen, the bedrooms, etc. They are colours that provide calm, serenity andfinesse.

Blue also goesvery well with other colours, especially the combination of navy blue and greytones, and light blue and white.

Find all these colours and many more inthe colour charts from Pinturas Montó