Ready to use filler for smoothing textured surfaces, can be applied in thick layers. Specially suitable for smoothing textured surfaces.
Drying time
4-5 hours
20KG 5KG


  • Indoors
  • Plaster
  • Plaster
  • Concrete

How to apply?

  • Stainless trowel
  • Pallete / spatula


Use clean and rust-free tools detailed in the Application System.
Anchor adequately.
We usually recommend coats of between 5-7 mm at most.
Three or more coats can be applied to a thickness of up to 15 mm. Repaint following the indicated period of time. Given that this depends on the levels of humidity, temperature and thickness of the coating, when the sandpaper does not clog, this indicates that the product is ready for repainting.
Suitable finishing products: Ovaldine, Montoplástica, Montonature, Esmalte Montosintétic, Luxatín and Alta Decoración products.
Soporte Nuevo:
Cement / plaster mortar:
Check the suitability of the filler for the surface.
Wait until it has completely set (at least 30 days) Clean any efflorescence off the base, and neutralise alkaline surfaces.
Sand excessively polished surfaces to increase porosity.
Clean surface removing other products and/or residues.
Open up any cracks or fissures until you reach a sound base, brush off the dust, and apply the filler or plaster as shown in the Application Systems and Application sections.
- Do not apply coats that are thicker than the recommended maximum.
- On extremely crumbly surfaces, before applying the filler, fix it with the appropriate fixative: Fijalite, Fijamont, Fijadora Emulsion Paint Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
Remove off any remains or chipping of product or any other foreign product. Open pore by sandpàpering or any other mechanical systems.
Check the adhesion and treat as for new BASES.


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